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Pop Cultures Effect on US Corportations By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Ryan_J_Flaherty/2398071]Ryan J Flaherty Pop culture has a huge effect on US corporations and corporations worldwide. We live in a world today where most individuals are more worried about what other people are doing rather than what is in our best interest. This empowers the entertainment industry of the U.S to have a big impact worldwide. Pop culture can almost be considered as Americanization because of the impact on it has on the world. Most known figureheads of Pop culture are from the United States. Pop culture around the world is categorized as movies, music, television shows, newspapers, satellite broadcasts, and clothing, among other entertainment and consumer goods. Pop culture is a very vague term used in the world today. With the number of different categories it is very hard to control the pop culture market. There are many different cultures in the world so what is appealing in the United States might not be as appealing to someone that lives halfway across the world in a different country. For instance, a hit record on the radio spoken in English will not be as popular in a country where the population does not speak that language. The music industry has a huge impact on Global Business. Many of the most popular artists around the world are from the U.S. If you look on the charts that are stated worldwide, most of the time the song at the top is from an artist from the United States. Even though the U.S is the leader in this category they do not completely control the music industry. The products of popular musicians are also likely to be distributed by non-U.S. companies such as Japan's Sony, Germany's Bertelsmann AG, France's Vivendi, or the United Kingdom's EMI Group. Artists use this equipment because they want the best quality. This does not mean the United States is not a creator of musical equipment that people use but, they are known as the other brands that are not as popular. Another important branch of Pop culture is the sports industry, The United States is known for having the best leagues for most sports, considering that athletes from other countries come over to the United States to play because the competition is more fierce. They also will get paid much more than they would if they stayed and played over seas. This is an eye opener for a brand like Nike because they will sponsor the athlete because they know they can make money off of that individual. Nike understands that some individuals will go out and buy the apparel that the pro's wears during games. Nike is the biggest sports apparel company to date. Nike is number 2 on Forbes list for clothing companies and number 1 for sports apparel. This is good for the United States Economy because it's the leading company in sports apparel around the world. When watching the Olympics a majority of the athletes from all over the world wear Nike apparel. This shows that Nike has a huge impact not only in the country but around the world. The entertainment industry is another important aspect of economic activity in Pop culture. The United States entertainment industry generates more revenue from overseas sales than any other industry. This is because the quality of our movies are better and we also can accommodate to specific languages, A movie can have a few version released so people who speak a different language will still buy the movie and be able to enjoy it. Recently, more movies are making foreign actors the lead role so it appeals to foreign countries. In conclusion, Pop culture has the Americanization effect. Most industries that fall under the term pop culture are controlled by the United States. From this the country leads revenues in this category. With help of local celebrities that are natural born Americans people worldwide will buy whatever that celebrity is wearing. This helps the local brands in the United States. Pop culture will help the U.S corporations with revenue as long as the world is turning for the industry is too big and can not fail. Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Pop-Cultures-Effect-on-US-Corportations&id=9677280] Pop Cultures Effect on US Corportations

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