Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry
By []Lora Davis

In order to maintain its look and quality silver jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, overtime sterling silver and silver jewelry will begin to tarnish. The jewelry will appear black when tarnish starts to build-up. When silver comes into contact with certain chemicals and climatic condition tarnishing begins to occur. Some of the things that cause your silver jewelry to tarnish can include:

• Rubber bands
• Eggs
• Wood
• Onions

Tarnishing is nearly impossible to avoid so the best way to get rid of the tarnish is to clean it as soon as you can before it starts to build-up.

Methods of cleaning

There are many different methods that you can use to clean your jewelry. What method you would use depends on how tarnished the jewelry is. One method is to make use of preparing a cleaning solution at home or using a commercial cleaner that is specifically for silver jewelry cleaning.

Homemade jewelry cleaner

One thing that you can use is toothpaste to get excellent results. The steps include:

• Dampen the jewelry
• Use a generous amount of white toothpaste and apply it to a soft toothbrush. You want to make sure there is nothing in the ingredients that can scratch the jewelry.
• Brush the toothpaste on the jewelry gently for a couple of minutes
• Rinse it off and dry with a soft clean towel.

You can also make your own cleaner using ingredients you have at home. You will need a large pot, aluminum foil, strainer, water, and a soft towel. The other ingredients you will need to make the cleaner include one-fourth cup of each salt, baking soda, and liquid dish soap. Start by lining the pot, including the bottom with aluminum foil. Mix the ingredients with a half gallon of water, and then pour it into the pot. Put the pot on low heat and put your jewelry into the solution for no more than five minutes. After turning off the burner leave the jewelry sit in the solution for another few minutes. Use the strainer to pour the solution, and jewelry into it and then rinse the jewelry under cold water. Be sure that the solution is totally washed off, especially the salt. Once it has been rinsed, put it on a soft towel to dry.

Commercial silver jewelry cleaners

• Silver jewelry wipes
• Soap
• Polish
• Ultra-sonic cleaner
• Silver jewelry dip

If the jewelry is tarnished almost black you should use the ultra-sonic jewelry cleaner and the sonic cleaning liquids. The other cleaning products can be used on silver jewelry that is mild to moderate tarnished and for regular cleaning.

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