Engagement Ring Website Review: James Allen

Engagement Ring Website Review: James Allen
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Melissa_Bennett/2382231]Melissa Bennett

James Allen Review:

When I first came across this website the first thing that drew me in was the design of the website and how professional it looked. In my opinion, professional looking websites are more trusting than websites you come across that don't look put together or are hard to navigate.

So what else makes James Allen better than other engagement ring websites? Why should you choose to buy from them versus other big name brand wedding stores?

First, James Allen offers 24/7 customer service and the great thing about this is that they don't receive any commission from this which means they are committed to giving you the best experience and advice on the diamond engagement rings you are looking for. These are diamond experts that have ample knowledge on the subject. It makes me feel so much better that someone is there throughout the whole journey of buying the symbol of your commitment to your loved one for the rest of your life. On top of this, one of the most amazing aspects that makes James Allen stand out above all other jewelry businesses is that they will inspect real diamonds with you by sharing their screen and talking about the different attributes of each diamond. This is incredible! There's a lot to consider when picking a diamond which you may not have a clue about and they are always there to explain what makes a great diamond so great.

Second, they offer a lifetime warranty. They will repair and maintain anything you purchase for a lifetime. They offer free prong tightening, cleaning, re-polishing and rhodium plating.

Another great benefit is free shipping worldwide! All purchases are fully insured while being shipped. All orders are shipped via FedEx. If your purchase is over $500 then it is shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. If the purchase is under $500 then it is shipped via FedEx Two Day Saver. They do not deliver to PO boxes, only physical businesses or home addresses. Once the package is delivered they require a signature.

When talking to people about buying engagement rings online, the thing that I come across most often from people is their skepticism about not being able to see the ring in person before purchasing it and trusting that when they receive it that it will be what they want. Well, James Allen offers a 30 day return period with 100% money back or exchange with no questions asked. Keep in mind the ring must be in new and unused condition!

James Allen also offers free engraving on any of their rings, a 60 day free resizing option, and lifetime upgrade! What more could you ask for from a jewelry company?!

Last but not least the best thing about James Allen is that they are THE ONLY site that has real pictures of all the diamonds in their inventory. This a huge perk! You can actually see the diamond you are wanting to purchase which cuts down on wondering what the diamond which actually look like when you receive it.

James Allen is by far one of the best diamond engagement ring sites out there and I give it a rating of 10/10. You will not be disappointed! http://guidetotheperfectengagementring.com/

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