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Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry
By []Lora Davis

In order to maintain its look and quality silver jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, overtime sterling silver and silver jewelry will begin to tarnish. The jewelry will appear black when tarnish starts to build-up. When silver comes into contact with certain chemicals and climatic condition tarnishing begins to occur. Some of the things that cause your silver jewelry to tarnish can include:

• Rubber bands
• Eggs
• Wood
• Onions

Tarnishing is nearly impossible to avoid so the best way to get rid of the tarnish is to clean it as soon as you can before it starts to build-up.

Methods of cleaning

There are many different methods that you can use to clean your jewelry. What method you would use depends on how tarnished the jewelry is. One method is to make use of preparing a cleaning solution at home or using a commercial cleaner that is specifically for silver jewelry cleaning.

Homemade jewelry cleaner

One thing that you can use is toothpaste to get excellent results. The steps include:

• Dampen the jewelry
• Use a generous amount of white toothpaste and apply it to a soft toothbrush. You want to make sure there is nothing in the ingredients that can scratch the jewelry.
• Brush the toothpaste on the jewelry gently for a couple of minutes
• Rinse it off and dry with a soft clean towel.

You can also make your own cleaner using ingredients you have at home. You will need a large pot, aluminum foil, strainer, water, and a soft towel. The other ingredients you will need to make the cleaner include one-fourth cup of each salt, baking soda, and liquid dish soap. Start by lining the pot, including the bottom with aluminum foil. Mix the ingredients with a half gallon of water, and then pour it into the pot. Put the pot on low heat and put your jewelry into the solution for no more than five minutes. After turning off the burner leave the jewelry sit in the solution for another few minutes. Use the strainer to pour the solution, and jewelry into it and then rinse the jewelry under cold water. Be sure that the solution is totally washed off, especially the salt. Once it has been rinsed, put it on a soft towel to dry.

Commercial silver jewelry cleaners

• Silver jewelry wipes
• Soap
• Polish
• Ultra-sonic cleaner
• Silver jewelry dip

If the jewelry is tarnished almost black you should use the ultra-sonic jewelry cleaner and the sonic cleaning liquids. The other cleaning products can be used on silver jewelry that is mild to moderate tarnished and for regular cleaning.

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Two-Tone Silver Jewelry

Two-Tone Silver Jewelry
By []Lora Davis

This type of jewelry is accomplished by combining any type of metal with silver. The metal that the silver is combined with is normally a different luster and color. It is commonly paired yellow gold. The yellow gold ranges in purity between ten and twenty-four karats. It provides a high degree of contrast against silver, which is the lighter metal. Two-tone silver jewelry is a big hit with men as they can find forms of tie pies, watches, and cuff links.

For two-tone jewelry sterling silver forms the base and this metal is almost 93% pure silver. To increase its casting properties and stability it is mixed with other metals. The first metal that is usually chosen to pair with silver is copper. Other metals include platinum, zinc, and germanium, all of which may be used to eliminate fire scale and reduce the effects of tarnishing. In times past, two-tone silver jewelry used to be considered faux pas to mix the two colors but now it looks very stylish.

Types of designs

Using this two-tone silver a variety of designs can be completed. Although the silver component may be the overall pieces background, the detail work can be accent in yellow color. Choices that are common for gold accents can include:

• Insignias
• Animal shapes
• Club and school crests
• Plants

Some jewelers may add a small or medium size diamond to these jewelry pieces. When making rings in two-tone silver it could be a base for a pearl or gem stone setting. One of the reasons that two-tone silver is used in cuff links, watches, and charm bracelets is that the two-tone can accentuate different aspects of the piece. For example, a classic watchband may have two bands of silver may surround a yellow gold band. They may intertwine the two colors and give the watchband woven pattern.

Charm bracelets hold many multiple small pieces that use the yellow gold to give detail to the silver figurines. With sterling silver cuff links, they can be embossed with a yellow gold insignia, monogram, or crest. Many times they make matching sets of cuff links and tie pins. Two-tone silver rings offer a person a ring made with two metals so if you are one that likes both metals there are some amazing designer rings.

Styling tips

• Combine layered looks with non-pendant and pendant necklaces of various lengths
• If you are wearing a V-neckline center your pendant midway between your collar bone and neckline
• Stack two-tone silver bracelets with all good or all silver. This design creates a balance of texture and high shine.

This two-tone silver jewelry will mix well with most outfits from the famous little black dress to your denim jeans.

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Buying Silver Jewelry - What To Know

Buying Silver Jewelry - What To Know
By []Lora Davis

When buying silver jewelry the most important thing to consider is the quality of the silver used to make the jewelry. Pure silvery is very soft so metal alloys like copper are added to harden silver. To be considered sterling, or real, silver it must contain 92.5% silver. When silver is bonded to any base metal, it is not real silver and is called silver-plated. Before you purchase any silver jewelry look for markings printed on the jewelry such as:

• Sterling silver
• Sterling
• "ster"
• 925

The law in the United States requires that any company selling jewelry and claims it is sterling silver or of similar nature must vouch it is what they say by including their U.S. registered trademark on the jewelry. You also need to look at the design. Make sure that you look at it from all sides to see it if is consistently made. This type of jewelry can be expensive but it is a good investment.

What to buy

• Earrings-when you purchase such jewelry buy several pairs of earrings. They come in sizes and shapes to suit different occasions. For example, at a cocktail party you could match a silver necklace with dangling cubic zirconia and silver drop earrings. In the office, you could wear small to medium size silver hoops or studs with a simple silver necklace.

• Necklaces-this is a great piece of jewelry to add to your collection. There are many styles and designs of necklaces made using. Any will go with any outfit in your closet. A unique design to go with your casual ware and jeans would be a silver dog tag pendant that is strung on a leather cord. For formal wear and evening dresses try wearing a zirconia and silver pendant on a delicate thin silver chain will give you an elegant feel. An important consideration when purchasing necklaces is the length so make sure that you have several different sizes. Different size lengths look good on specific apparel. For a lower cut neckline, wear longer length silver chains. Depending on the occasion, you could also combine two or three necklaces of different lengths to give your outfit a unique look.

• Rings-silver rings are the choice for some when looking for engagement and wedding rings. Look for casual rings that have an antiqued silver finish or silver and zirconia rings.

• Bracelets-this is another popular piece of sterling silver jewelry. This is especially true with the younger generation who love to wear several thin bracelets on one arm. You can also find them in a hammered wide scuff. An engraved silver bracelet makes a great gift for any occasion.

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Globalization and Oil: A Quick Insight

Globalization and Oil: A Quick Insight
By []Justin Marraffa

A Quick Insight on Globalization and Oil

Globalization is a loaded and broad word referring to the process in which an organization develops international recognition and begins to operate on an international level. Globalization is said to date back all the way to 1492 when Columbus discovered the Americas and supplies were sent across the seas. In more recent years, specifically the past 2 decades, globalization has become extremely prominent due to the significant increases in technology. Technology in information, communication, and transportation are driving factors behind globalization. As we all know, nothing is "free," so what are the costs and benefits of globalization? I am going to focus on the consumption of finite resources, more specifically oil.

To begin we want to look at why oil matters in globalization. Oil is the most prominently used energy source on Earth. But what is it used for? Oil is used to transporting almost all goods from one place to another, which in a global economy means these goods are sent all around the world from where they are manufactured. Trains, planes, boats, trucks, and cars that all run on oil based products are used by most businesses. Even if a businesses product or service does not directly use oil to be manufactured, or even if a product or service does not require oil to be used to function, all of these products and services are some how interconnected to oil due to transportation. This affects the prices of products and services due to transportation for international businesses and also affects the economy of oil-based countries.

Now that we know a major reason why oil matters we can look in to how it has affected the global economy. In one-decade oil prices skyrocketed from $60 a barrel to a whopping $146 a barrel in 2009 due to supply and demand of oil, which was vastly influenced by globalization (Pacheco, Lihong, Weinmann, Salami, Antweiler). This left oil rich countries with more money and more stable economies. Since the rise in oil prices over that decade, prices began to drop and are currently sitting slightly below $50 a barrel. While motorists around the world are seen to be winners in this situation, for example United States motorists are said to be saving an estimated $550+ yearly on oil/gasoline in 2015, countries with oil based economies are the ones taking the big hit (Randle).

Venezuela has the world's largest oil reserve and its government has been using oil profits to balance itself paying for health care, pensions, even to help subsidize housing and groceries for citizens (Kottasova). Due to the sinking of oil prices Venezuela in 2015 saw an inflation rate of 150% and rising. Saudi Arabia, another country that runs on oil, saw an almost $100 billion budget deficit in 2015. While Saudi Arabia is the world's lowest cost producer of oil, it is evident that even they need higher oil prices to sustain a balanced economy. Lastly on my list is Iraq. With the war on ISIS going on, Iraq needs higher oil prices to sustain this war. Even though Iraq collected record amounts of oil in 2015, the increase in production still did not compensate for the low prices of oil. A major problem for Iraq is that they have a vast amount of oil reserves, but need money to access it, which is difficult for the country in a time where oil prices are so low. These are but a few of the countries that rely on oil for economic stability and you can see how many different issues they have run in to.

Besides the major concerns of oil-based countries economies there is another issue that I have not brought up yet. This issue is oil renews at such a low rate it is seen as finite, meaning it will run out. Alternative energy is on the rise, but not enough to sustain the global economy. No one can say for sure when oil will run out, but estimates show that it won't be long. BP estimates that at the rate we are currently at, in 2014, we had 53.3 years left of crude oil (DiLallo). That is also an estimated 1.688 trillion barrels of crude oil. Other estimates are longer, reaching 60-70 more years, neither estimates are far from our time. Globalization has said to have reached its peak in recent years meaning the usage of oil may not rise at such an extreme rate, but even 70 years is not long from now in the grand scheme of civilization.

Globalization and oil affects everyone, whether it be a single United States citizen saving on gasoline or an entire countries economy like Venezuela or Iraq losing billions of dollars due to a decrease in oil prices. Alternative energy needs to be the next step in energy consumption and it will be a race to see if it will be able to compete with the amount of energy used by oil today.

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Article Source: [] Globalization and Oil: A Quick Insight

How to Choose the Best Sales Training Coach

How to Choose the Best Sales Training Coach
By []Phil M Jones

There is no formal education curriculum for sales, but the ironic thing is that everybody sells. There are a lot of people working in the sales industry and each of them is competing with one another. For you to stand out from the rest, you need to possess the selling skills, right mindset, and determination. You also need to embrace change. As you know, the sales environment is continuously evolving. You need to think outside of the box to outsmart your business competitor. This is where sales tips play an important role.

Sales business should be conducted by people who are trained to do such stuff. It should be conducted only by the best sales training coach. If you are going to search around, you will notice that there are a lot of sales tips programs out there. However, choosing the best one can be very challenging. You need to make sure that you come up with the best choice or else you will end up wasting your time and money.

How do you go about choosing a sales training coach?
You have to consider the type of problem in your business you want to solve. There are many areas in the business that need improvement. Sales managers usually want to improve the team's organizational effectiveness. This includes redefining the sales process. However, the main problem here is not the process itself but the execution. In this case, the focus of sales business is enhancing the selling skills and strategy.

What are the qualities of a sales tips coach?
• Practice what he preaches
A sales tips coach should be someone who has vast experience in handling sales process. Check the career path of the training coach and make sure that he has achieved something in his career. There should be professional experiences and the coach should be able to impart his experience and expertise to other people. The professional experience makes the sales business coach highly credible and reputable.

• Has experience leading a sales team
A sales business coach should know how to win the trust of his audience. People will most likely put their trust to someone who has first-hand experience handling a sales team. He should have a strong leadership skill to make it easier for him to coach other people.

• A sales tips coach should be intellectual
Doing something that nourishes your mind is great. There should be a passion and hunger for learning. A sales business coach should engage in activities that can further improve his intellectuality. He should be willing to spend time learning about other people, especially about his audience, organizations, and business as a whole. He should be up to date with the sales training trends and be able to impart it to his students with ease and confidence.

• A sales training coach should be humble
Some people in the training profession tend to be egocentric. They want to be the center of attention and most of the time wants to be in control of their audience. The best coach for sales training is the one who is humble enough to facilitate a good learning experience. When conducting coaching or training, whether it is about sales or other industry, a coach should keep in mind that it is not always about him. It is all about sales people wanting to become expert in a specific industry.

• A sales training coach should be a good communicator
The sales training program has a lot of components and the coach should condense the information into a short period of time. To tackle everything you need to tackle, you should be a good communicator. No matter how good the message it, it will mean nothing if it is not communicated in the most effective manner.

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New Jewelry Trends in China Highlight Tradition and Style

New Jewelry Trends in China Highlight Tradition and Style
By []Karen K Williams

The world is seeing changes continuously in association with advancement and the jewelry industry also works with the same strategy. Conversely, there are some rules that have remained constant, despite the changes in the jewelry industry and are the trends.

China is the largest consumer of jewelry that the gold jewelry stood to 30% of the gold global jewelry demand. Today, China is viewed by robust trends in industrialization, urbanization and economic growth. It has led to rising levels. The robust income level growth may result in 20% growth in Chinese private sector by 2017 for gold demand in comparison to 2013 demand.

The Chinese market targets glamour and luxury in jewelry. The new jewelry trends is in association with rapid urbanization, sophisticated young generation shoppers, flourishing middle class and all these together indicate exciting opportunities to increase in China for the new jewelry trends.

Jewelry is a luxurious product and a girl's best friend is the diamond jewels. This is applicable in the Chinese market as well. Chinese also adore diamonds, particularly the working women. Jewelry is made here for daily wear, gifting and for special occasions.

The jewelry making tradition in China goes back to the Neolithic Period, that when worn represent animal pendants denoting talismanic properties. In the recent few years, the jade clasps like jewelry became means belts buckle, while the women took it to their hair as hairpins as gold jeweled ornamental.

Pendants and hairpins have not stepped down the jewelry trends in China. They are the fine jewelry dominant forms and these pins are glided in silver and also feature rich gold beading. Some have bird motifs decorating the surfaces with pearls and gems using as accents in patterns.

The garment plaques in gold as rectangular or square brooches are seen as adornments and they come with images of traditional Chinese iconography crammed. While, gemstones border and dot the jewelry interior that has openwork and chased gold.

Solid gold is also in demand as the new jewelry trends in China and it is seen as gold bands referred to as armlets on women's arms. The jewelry we associate today with China was from the Victorian Era and now Jade has become the Chinese jeweler's trademark, while coral carved into animals shapes and flowers also have become important materials.

A mineral referred to as cinnabar, features a reddish pigment and is commonly used in lacquerware. It is carved for pendants and bangles, while oxbone is used in China to imitate ivory to do necklaces beading and openwork on earrings.

Costume Jewelry also made the finest pieces as they include hand-crafted pieces. This had Swarovski crystals plating the metal and was studded in 18-carat gold hand rings or bracelets. Interlocking crystals were the hallmark of costume jewelry, same as the Japanese faux pearls and turquoise tiny seed pearls that held a special glaze as it was glass coated multiple times.

The   []wholesale sterling silver jewelry China trends find young women and girls loving costume jewelers such as lockets,   []silver ring wholesale and charms additions to bracelets representing meaningful life moments. Besides, the artistry and craftsmanship into this costume jewelry makes it more special.

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Wedding Rings Options, a Guide to Assist Decisions

Wedding Rings Options, a Guide to Assist Decisions
By []Karen K Williams

Jewelry in this contemporary society plays a vital role and most gems bear important meanings. However, among all other jewelry, rings are always in high demand and there is an adorable collection for him and her.

Wedding bands in gold are distinctive and subtle. This metal is believed to produce warm energy and envelop your body with soothing vibrations. Gold was widely believed to have healing properties that repair faster and relaxes the injured body parts. There are some considerations in finding rings complementing a wedding band for her and him such that it should fit his style or match her set. Here is a guide to assist in wedding ring options decision.

Women's bands

A wedding ring is worn close to the heart and this is traditional. However, consider these rings regarding the fit:

Consider rings with fit design that appears symmetrical, women love wearing matching rings in the same metal featuring diamonds in same shape and size.

Women look for a wedding ring matching the engagement ring. A diamond ring three-stone represents past, present and future.

The gemstones in subtle, velvety or fiery colors also look complementing as wedding rings. This is crafted to promote personal significance.

Even gold and platinum wedding ring options are in the trend now and there are finger bands to complement individual styles and preferences.

Men's wear

Today, men have more choices in choosing a ring. Nowadays, couples love choosing matching bands. However, they consider brushed surfaces, unique detailing or accent diamonds to suit your preference and style.

The finger bands for men mostly are the plain metal band, sometimes featuring a subtle design.

Initiate by envisioning a plain band and the one featuring embellishments. Now, before hand consider if you want your ring matching your partners ring or the same engagement ring metal. This helps in zero in easily.

Even if you wish to wear both rings, consider how it fits together. Look for a design that matches the engagement ring, but keep the wedding ring in more intricate style so that it looks great in association with the engagement ring.

Start the hunt and options early as it is time for fun. Keep two to three months for you in advance to shop for rings. This is required so that you browse for new designs, research prices and settle on eye-catching pieces. But remember, extras such as engraving may take more than a month.

Other tips

The options have no rules; you can go with any style or any metal. But remember, blending two same or different metals is acceptable, but it should reflect individual styles.

Consider your lifestyle and purchase. If you are highly active, choose platinum for its surplus durability. If you keep using your hands to work often, search a solid metal ring, but if you are playing an instrument or sports, consider slim ring with round edges.

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President Trump's Planned Corporate Tax Cut and the Effect on Globalization

President Trump's Planned Corporate Tax Cut and the Effect on Globalization
By []Colin A Struckmann

President Donald Trump is a very controversial figure and he has been ever since he decided to run for president, and maybe even before that by some people. People either hate him or like him there is not much in between. The same goes for most of which he is trying to accomplish as the new President of the United States. One of his proposed plans is to cut corporate taxes down to 15 percent from 35 percent. This proposed tax cut has a major effect on not only the U.S., but the whole world. This tax cut effects globalization and has a possibility of having a positive impact for the country.

Globalization is affected by the change of where companies want to be because of tax laws. A lot of companies decide where they locate some of their businesses and headquarters by the tax laws in the countries they are considering of setting up in. With President Trumps plan to cut corporate taxes from 35 percent to 15 percent it will make companies want to come back to the United States. One reason companies would want to come back to the United States or start their business there, if this corporate tax cut does happen, is because it would put the United States as tied for third lowest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This organization includes 35 different countries, some of which are Japan, France, Germany, Mexico, and Italy to name a few. The only countries lower than the United States would be Ireland and Switzerland, plus the U.S. would be tied with Canada at 15 percent. Compared to where the country is now, which is the highest in OECD. Having this low of a tax would entice companies to come to the United States to operate their business because a lower corporate tax allows companies to keep more of their profits.

This plan does not only benefit the corporations. It also benefits shareholders around the world. As mentioned before with the lower tax rate comes more profits for the companies taking advantage of the lower tax rate. This could also mean that those companies will declare more dividends because they have more revenue. This would directly benefit the shareholders. Even if the company does not declare dividends, whether because they have not declared dividends in the past or if they just did not feel like declaring extra dividends from the revenue increase, there would still be a positive impact on shareholders from the proposed corporate tax cut. The benefit they would receive would be that it would probably lift the stock market earnings up. This would help stockholders because they would be getting more money from their investments even if the companies they invested in did not pay out dividends because of the increased revenue that would likely come with the lower tax rate.

Trump's corporate tax plan goes even farther than helping the corporations and the stockholders. His corporate tax cut plan helps Americans. The first way his plan benefits Americans is that when corporations decide to build their factories and companies here they are going to need workers to work there. Thus, creating jobs for Americans that are in desperate need of jobs. Another way his plan benefits the American people is that it could bring prices down on goods. The reason for this is because the companies that would move or start up here would have the products in the United States already. So, they would not have to pay to have them shipped back into the United States, thus allowing them to lower the costs on some of their products to help them sell more of the products. Globally this does not really help other countries. The exact opposite that is happening in the United States would happen in the countries where the companies move from. However, it should not be as dramatic of a change because some companies may be loyal to the country they are in and not move just because of the tax cut that Trump plans to enact in the U.S.

Whether President Trump's proposed corporate tax cut comes into effect or not remains to be seen. However, no matter if it passes through congress and becomes the new corporate tax, it will affect everyone around the world. The tax plan would help the U.S. out with a lot of things, but also has a huge effect on globalization.


OECD. "Corporate Income Tax Rate Table." Table II.1. Corporate Income Tax Rate. OECD, n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2017. < >

Article Source: [] President Trump's Planned Corporate Tax Cut and the Effect on Globalization


Know the Several Health Benefits With Titanium Bracelets

Know the Several Health Benefits With Titanium Bracelets
By []Hakim Hari Krishan

There are various types of bracelets. Among them, the titanium bracelets are quite a fashionable one. But as they have magnetic qualities, thus, like magnetic therapy they also alleviate the pain of the wearer to some extent. Easy to wear and safe bracelets of titanium can minimize the symptoms of back pain and arthritis. The effects that the bracelets have are as follows:

Helps in Relieving Pain

The titanium bracelets have been a good way of pain reduction. Sometimes it was found to be relieving in carpel tunnel syndrome. The nerves stimulated when magnets are used in a specific area. This helps in releasing the natural pain killers of the body. According to some people, the magnet also stimulates the flow of blood. This leads to the increase in the ionic exchange. Thus, the person will have a gush of nutrients and oxygenated blood into the area.

Initiates Better Healing

They are good as a healing compound. The healing is initiated by the disposing and localizing the by-products of any injury. The usage of the negatively charged magnets if kept in direct contact with the injured area may increase the body's power to start the healing process.

Boosts the Healing System

The titanium bracelets have a massive role in increasing the white blood cells. The white blood cells are the ones that defend the body against foreign materials and infectious diseases. They also help to remove the toxins from the affected area. This promotes a healthy immune system. The body's immune system may speed up in this system.

Helps to Increase Energy

A bracelet of titanium can give a person more energy. The magnetic therapy leads to the increase of the oxygen flow in the body. The flow of oxygen plays a significant part in the metabolism of the energy. This also is good for imparting energy through respiration of carbon dioxide. They enhance cellular respiration. The oxygen level in the blood increases and thus, the person feels more energetic.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The titanium bracelets have anti-inflammatory functions also. This occurs because the normal electromagnetic in the body is restored. A normal electromagnetic property provides relax to the capillary walls. This is also good for the connective tissues and the surrounding muscles and allows proper flow of the blood. The proper flow of blood requires the transfer of the nutrients and the oxygen to the injured place. This causes a decrease in the inflammatory agents and the pain of a person.

Because the bracelets are made of titanium, they are less likely to corrode away. In fact, the titanium bracelets can withstand high-temperature conditions, rough handling, and salt water. Thus you can be sure that they are going to last you for several years.

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Gemstones to Increase the Beauty of the Beholders

Gemstones to Increase the Beauty of the Beholders
By []Hakim Hari Krishan

Gemstones or precious stones are pieces of mineral crystals which can be cut, polished and shaped to beautifully reflect its inherent color and light to the beholder. These crystals are used as centerpieces or adornments for jewelry or other decorative items, such as watches or showpieces. Certain rocks like lapis lazuli, or organic products like pearl and amber are also considered as gemstones. Out of over 130 different types of precious stones available on earth, the current origins of four popular types are discussed below for reference.


Opals are found commonly all over the world but all are not in the precious stone category. The stones of high quality and beauty are found in the Australian Outback gem mines. These mines account for over 90% of the world' total precious, jewelry-grade opals. Some opal mines of Ethiopia have also started production of high-quality white opals, popularly known as Welo opals. The fire opals of Mexico are bright, yellow-colored stones favored greatly by the jewelers of today.


The Burmese (now Myanmar) Ruby has been greatly prized the world over for its rarity and demand due to its special intrinsic qualities. The "pigeon-blood" Burmese rubies are some of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones in the world. These rubies radiate light and display a dazzling kaleidoscope under ultraviolet or sun ray. Myanmar still has a considerable number of ruby mines, but the general quality has come down from the previous yields. East African nations like Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar are the newer sources of these fine gemstones since the 1960s. Also, new ruby deposits have been found in Vietnam and Greenland in recent times.


The Columbian emeralds command the best value in the world due to its high quality and steady production since the ancient times. These green gemstones contain chromium, which is responsible for its intrinsic coloring. The other South American country producing good quality emeralds is Brazil. The precious stones from its mines contain traces of vanadium and are tinged with a slight gray or brown color. Zambia in Africa also produces high-quality emeralds. The Zambian stones contain iron traces but are clearer than the other produces and often reflect a bluish-green color. The more modern emerald findings include the Panjsheer Valley mines of Afghanistan, whose quality is comparable to the Columbian gemstones.


The best quality and the most beautiful-looking blue sapphires came from the mines in the Kashmir region of India in the past. These "cornflower blue" gemstones currently occupy places of pride in the jewelry collections of the connoisseurs and museums. The Myanmar sapphires from the Mogok region are also prized all over the world. Sri Lanka produces the most number of these gemstones in many other colors along with the signature blue. The American state of Montana also produces light-blue and pink sapphires on a smaller scale.

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