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Usos de la aspirina que pueden ser muy utiles en una emergencia

Usos de la aspirina que pueden ser muy utiles en una emergencia

Son las 6:30 am y sientes una opresión en el pecho. Los antiácidos no ayudan. Tu mandíbula está firmemente apretada y tu brazo se siente entumecido. ¿Ataque al corazón? ¿O se trata de una respuesta muy poco usual de una nueva espinilla? De cualquier manera, la aspirina puede ayudar. Desde ataques al corazón a granos, en el jardín y el cuarto de lavado, la aspirina tiene un montón de usos más allá de aliviar el dolor. Sigue leyendo para conocer 9usos de la aspirina que quizás no sabías.

9 usos de la aspirina que quizás no conocías 

Los beneficios de la aspirina superan el alivio temporal de la fiebre, y los dolores. La mayoría de la gente sabe, que puede proteger incluso de un derrame cerebral, si se toma correctamente. Investigaciones sugieren que puede reducir el riesgo de algunos tipos de cáncer y la enfermedad de Alzheimer. Sin embargo, la aspirina tiene muchas otros potenciales para la salud, la belleza y beneficios personales. Descubre algunos usos de la aspirina en tu gabinete que no sabías puede hacer por ti.

Mitigación de ataques del corazón 

Si te sientes como que un ataque al corazón se acerca, mete una aspirina en tu boca y mastícala, y marca el número de emergencias de tu localidad.

La aspirina tiene un efecto anti-coagulación de las plaquetas que inhibe a las plaquetas hacer su trabajo que puede derivar a una trombosis. Esto es perfecto para aquellas ocasiones en las que estamos al borde de la muerte debido a un episodio cardiaco inesperado.

De acuerdo con el American Journal of Cardiology, masticar la aspirina tiene un efecto más inmediato que tomarlas con un vaso de agua fresca. Así que es bueno saber. Especialmente si eres un hombre de más de 50 con menos placa en los dientes que en las arterias.

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Smart Ideas Shared By The Experts For Business Growth And Expansion

Smart Ideas Shared By The Experts For Business Growth And Expansion
By []Mike Timothy Hawk

For most business owners, aiming for their business to last for years and even grow and expand is the main goal. However, it can actually be a huge challenge. If you want to ensure business growth and expansion, it is not enough to simply have a long-term vision but you should have a tangible plan.

You need to determine what sets your business apart. Know your value proposition and what sets your business apart from other industry players. Know why customers should choose you over other companies offering essentially the same products or services that you offer. Companies compete differently. Some outpace the competition by offering lower prices while others have anchored their success upon authority. Either way, your value proposition should be something that only your business can offer customers.

If you let go of that value proposition, there is considerable risk that your company's competitiveness will be undermined. It is also bets to know your ideal customers. Companies that thrive over the long term do so by offering a solution to a specific problem. While it is enticing to pursue almost every potential customer you might come across, that will only spread your resources thin, leaving little value for actual customers who can benefit from your products or services.

Growth entails making decisive changes. And so, know the key indicators for this growth. Since not all changes are worth pursuing, know what those changes are that can bring about true growth.

In order to determine the right answer to that, you have to identify key indicators which influence growth. After determining those, you will need to funnel your resources toward those. Additional revenue streams can make a business profitable. However, there are some revenue streams that are not sustainable over the long term. There are also products or services which may seem great at the onset but do not bring significant revenues.

Additionally, take cues from the competition. Even if you are routinely beating the competition, there are some areas where your competitors are doing things right. Look at what other players in your industry are doing, evaluate their decisions, and take cues from their success. This is very important in business growth and expansion.

Lastly, learn to hire the right people. Your employees are your greatest assets as they often are in contact with your customers and are attuned to their needs. If you do not have sufficient funds, you can cut back on some expenses and luxuries and funnel those funds toward the compensation and development of your employees. This is one of the secrets for []ensuring business growth and expansion.

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Is It Nature or Nurture?

Power: Is It Nature or Nurture?
By []Janet Zaretsky

On our vacation in northern Ontario, Canada we observed how nice the people were. We did know they had a reputation for being nice, but observing it was interesting.

Some examples-they let you in while in stopped traffic or to cross the road. They stop. They wave. They say hello and meet your eyes when walking. When we went to a winery, we tried 6 or 7 different wines, and bought a couple of bottles. When we paid, I noted they did not charge for our tasting. I brought this to the proprietor's attention. She said, "We don't charge if you buy." I was surprised, as a business coach, I would say that is not a profit making policy. When I expressed surprise, she just shrugged it off. When we stopped at the winery, we were driving on what is known as the apple trail. We asked about apple varieties- she shared some and recommended an orchard down the street.

At the orchard, in their store, the very nice woman had us trying several varieties for free. And we joked we almost had a meal with our wine and apples, so she suggested a lovely cheese shop.

The cheese shop was lovely and they were so nice, too! I talked to the sales woman at the cheese shop about the Canadian niceness. She said, "We were just raised that way, but..", she went on, "We also apologize for everything, it is like we are sorry for our existence."

That got me thinking about power. Is it an inborn trait or environmental? I did a bit of research and got mixed information. There is no clear answer, except to say it is a mix of both. So, some of us are born with tendencies to lead, to own our power, to be self-confident, and yet, all of us have choices in how we act and interact with the world, societal influences and each other. It seems that we are so often caught up in our own universes, that we don't take the moment to be polite, to let someone in when driving, to wave and meet someone's eyes, to give someone a tip for free or a free taste of something.

Not to say that I am immune from being this way, from time to time, I do try to stay conscious to sharing this life with others and connecting. When I see someone unconscious, I have a saying, "Hello! You are not alone on the planet." This is my way of saying, wake up, connect, give space for one another.

Being nice, or what I would say is polite and connected is awesome, but not at the cost of giving away your power. The thing is, you can be nice, polite, caring and not apologize for who you are, what you think, what you accomplish. Apologize when it is appropriate, but not for being fully powerfully you. Own your power, magnify your brilliance and make a ton of money! That's pretty nice too!

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Yes, Face-To-Face Business Networking Is Still a Thing

Yes, Face-To-Face Business Networking Is Still a Thing
By []Carrie Greene

There are those that are natural born networkers and there are those that are not. I fall squarely into the "are not" camp.

The goal of business networking is to meet, and connect with people so that you can find clients, partners, employees, referrals to people who provide services you need, or referrals to people who need the service you provide. Networking can even simply be about meeting people in the same boat as you to become part of your support system.

Networking is vital to growing any business, including mine.

Since it's so important, I've been working on it. I've identified four things that need to take place any time you network. Here they are, along with some strategies of how to do it.

1. Get yourself into the right mindset.

Whether or not you like networking, it is vital that you go with the right attitude and with a specific goal in mind. I always put a smile on my face before I walk into the room and keep it there regardless of how I feel inside. Even if I'm feeling uncomfortable I look confident and, simply by smiling, my brain believes I am confident.

In terms of goals, know what you are looking for. Why did you decide to go to a networking event? What about this event drew you? Is there a specific person you want to meet? Is there a specific need you are looking to fill? Can you decide to engage in conversation with a specific number of people?

2. Find someone to talk with.

This is where it gets real. If you don't know anyone in the room, smile, take a breath and find someone standing alone and walk up to them. They will be happy to be rescued. If nobody is standing alone, approach a group with an odd number of people, it will be easier for you to join a conversation.

If you do know someone in the room, and they are with a group of people, you can join them and let them introduce you to the people that they are speaking with.

3. Strike up a conversation or, "What do I say after hello?".

Ask questions about them - and resist sharing about yourself. Some questions I ask are: Why are you at the event? Have you attended this event before? What do you hope to get from being here? What do you like most about what you do? What is your favorite type of client? And, when the conversation naturally turns to you, share a short example about what you do, using simple, everyday language.

4. Follow up with them to build a relationship.

I have seen too many people get themselves to networking events, leave with a stack of business cards, and then leave those cards sitting in a pile on their desks. Let's be honest for a moment: If you're going to get yourself out and network, you must follow up or you've wasted everyone's time.

I like to set appointments to follow up when I'm actually speaking with that person. I'll say something along the lines of, "I would love to learn more about you but clearly this is not the time or place, can we set up a time to talk in the next few days?" Then, pull your calendar out and set the appointment.

If you can't actually set up that appointment on the spot, at least let them know what to expect from you next. "It was great meeting you today. I'll send you a copy of the article we talked about when I get back to my office, and give you a call in a couple of days to see what you thought."

Remember, even if someone doesn't get back to you after you've called them, it does not mean that they aren't interested in speaking with you or getting to know you further, it simply means that they didn't get back to you. Try again and then keep trying.

I really think networking gets a bad rap. It all boils down to creating relationships that support everyone in the relationship. Think of it as making new friends. I'm sure you help your friends when they need it and they help you when you need it. That's all business networking is.

What are some things that you do to increase the effectiveness of your networking?


Carrie Greene is a speaker, author & business coach. She is a business strategist & who helps entrepreneurs get clear on what they want and creating simple plans to get there. She is the author of "Chaos to Cash: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Eliminating Chaos, Overwhelm & Procrastination So You Can Create Ultimate Profit!" Resources at

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Consejos de un negocio que necesita para tener éxito

La obtención de Consejos de un negocio que necesita para tener éxito
Por []Joshua Nicholson

La gente de todo el mundo tienen ambiciones con un día que inicien su propio negocio y que disfrutan de un flujo constante de ingresos que no requiere de ellos para ser empleado por cualquier otra persona o recibir órdenes de una cadena alimentaria más alta. Esta es una meta muy alcanzable y muchos lo hacen lograrlo, pero puede tomar un poco de trabajo duro y dedicación. Los siguientes consejos son una gran manera de conseguir su sueño en el camino hacia una realidad.

Haga un plan para su negocio en casa antes de que acaba de ir saltando. Si sabes lo que vas a hacer y cuándo vas a hacerlo, usted será mucho más propensos a cumplir con sus objetivos. Iniciar un negocio sin un plan es como tratar de conducir a un lugar desconocido sin un mapa - incluso si usted sabe dónde desea terminar, es probable que no va a llegar allí en cualquier período de tiempo razonable.

Una diferencia importante entre el funcionamiento de su propio negocio en casa y ser empleado por otra persona, es que va a tener que aprender a manejar su propio tiempo. Organización y el establecimiento de objetivos es muy importante. Si no están orientados meta, puede encontrarse fácilmente pasar mucho tiempo haciendo un montón de nada. Recuerde que debe crear y establecer objetivos diarios y semanales por sí mismo. A continuación, puede organizarse en torno a estos objetivos al igual que lo haría en cualquier otro trabajo.

No caiga en la trampa de comprar todos los libros de negocio en casa que se ve. Hay una gran cantidad de información disponible de forma gratuita, y gastar tanto dinero no es un buen plan de negocio. Por supuesto, usted puede comprar un par de cosas que usted cree que le ayudará a aprender, pero establecer un límite sobre cuánto va a gastar en materiales de aprendizaje.

Busque un mentor. Un mentor es alguien que ha estado en el que se encuentre. Un mentor puede prestar un oído tipo o darle asesoramiento empresarial. Hay muchas organizaciones llenos de gente con experiencia que deseen ayudar a las personas que empiezan a cabo; Todo lo que tiene que hacer es preguntar.

Es probable que va a necesitar un seguro adicional para cubrir su negocio en casa. Consulte con su agente de seguros para saber si hay algún seguro de lo que se requiere por ley o que le protegerá de cualquier tipo de caída financiera de salida si algo negativo fue que suceda. Su agente será capaz de ayudarle o enviar a una compañía que pueda.

Estudio de sus servicios y productos cuidadosamente para que pueda proporcionar la máxima cantidad de información sobre ellos. Si usted es capaz de proporcionar información de calidad sobre sus productos y servicios, será más fácil para usted para vender a las partes interesadas. También llegar a ser bastante favorable en los ojos de sus clientes.

A raíz de estas directrices no es obligatorio, pero que sin duda ayudará a hacer su sueño más plausible y crear una base más sólida para su negocio en crecimiento. Recuerde que debe permanecer siempre positivo y luchar contra cualquier oposición emocional que puede tratar de mantenerlo abajo. El éxito es por ahí, sólo hay que tratar de ganarlo.

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